Participation: Designed

Type | Program: Residential

Completion year: 2019

Location: Iran | Fars | Shiraz

Area: 138 m2

Client: Nematollahi

We are to tame the mutiny of getting meanings, we recognize architect as such. Woe be upon the time when hands die. Hands are living bodies of brains, inanimate bodies are sign of death, death of brains. The conflict between interpretations of the architectural design-creating process is still going on; several have recognized it as a “Sisyphus action” and attached to internal essence, regardless of quality of external obtained result, while vast majority of experts, on the other side, attached the being of architectural work to its external result and its external benefits, then evaluated its existence, so that they entitled the first crowd as null followers and named Sisyphus “Absurd Hero”; as A. Camus said: “You have already grasped that Sisyphus is the absurd hero”! The being of artwork as an object is attached to its essence and its essence is attached to which its Areté describes, so this being is captivated by turbulence towards different sides; this occurred being have been according to “Initial Essence” of the artwork, while because of transience of its Areté, its essence is also not stable. Thus, this phase will be “Transmutation of the Initial Essence” of artwork. And this phase is under control of “Geryon” with three heads; first is under designer quidance, second belongs to audience guidance and third head is guided by artwork itself.

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Side Team - Construction Team