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"The World is a weird place and worth the fighting for"

"The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for", this phrase was vitalized by E. Hemingway on Robert Jordan lips at the end of his dying and at ending of a D. Fincher work, William Somerset mentioned: "I just agree with the second part of the phrase", so that; the world is not a fine place, but worth the fighting for. Years, I have found the core of this statements differently and have woven: " The World is a weird place and worth the fighting for", yes the world I have known, polished by wonders.
Have you ever climbed a mountain? Conquered summit of a mountain? Think deeply of this climbing, and be aware that every summit which is conquered by you hardly with efforts, after a few breaths, must be forsaken, left and you have to come down! While I experienced it, found that this vast majority of mountaineers increased the weirdness of world so much. Early discovered they do not know that mountain has an end, so they are climbing to climb and climb, suddenly encounter summit, then figure out they climbed wrong mountain, turn back! They choose another mountain and experience that and again turn back! So many times climbing and coming down caused that you can’t distinguish their intention; climbing or coming down?! This coming down is striking enough to guess that they climb mountain for tasting the pleasure of coming down and forsaking summit! Whatever summit is higher, the pleasure of forsaking it is greater! Later, my other discovery was that this majority struggle and climb mountains in the hope of finding topless mountain! Afterwards, I figured it out that I was in mistake! These all travel far to settle there, but can’t, then abandon summit and turn back, apparently staying at summit is an unbelievably severe act! And once again experience another summit in the hope that be their place to settle, but again, and again turn back and forsake it, again another mountain and another mountain. After a while, I realized that I wend understanding way wrongly afresh, this time my finding was that this majority is purely a passenger crowd; to top or to down, summit or valley does not matter! While they are passing, they are glad. Soon afterwards, another discovery was in my hand; which I didn’t realize where and how I can find their genuine intention. This time weirder object surrounded me; so that too many people experienced one mountain several times! Several and several times!
Therefore I truly realized that the world is a weird place and according to which our mountaineer friends do frequently, worth the fighting for. November 23, 2015

Sketches & Painting

He had just sat down, to reduce the fatigue which obtained by traversing those several milestones, short time had not passed yet that his mind eagle had soared and upon which had happened to him, soared and soared. Made his rattan as chin support, and asked himself wonderfully; why do not townspeople see any mirage? Why do not recognize and passerby of town’s alleys and squares what is mirage? Why mirage is companion of wilderness inhabitants and its passersby, and stranger to citizenry? Why occasionally do not a jocose and wise mirage deceive any passerby at an alley? And do not pull him towards itself union? Until poor passerby approach and find his intention null, then try to prepare a remedy for mirage deception? Maybe because mirage deception is just beneficial for thirsty beings and whatever you search the town, all townspeople are quenched, comfort satiated, and whatever you make the light more kindled and whatever dilate your eyes, so maybe find a thirsty man among labyrinth of comfort of town, will find thirsty men as dead generation and extincts. As far as if you find a cracked lips, by a huge struggle, who his skin and his body confess his thirst, you will notice him as a thirst denier, and he will try to assure you that which is obvious in his face, is sign of being quenched. Finally, which is obtained from this quest is accusation of “seeing others as thirsty men delusion”, and nothing else. Yes, many years, mirage experienced his chance among every corner of town and nothing have obtained, therefore have emigrated and departed to wilderness and desert which are devoid of comfort, hoped to find a thirsty man who will clutch at every abortive mirage. And truly it detected an appropriate context, chock-full of staggered thirsty men who are fleeing from town comfort, who themselves have chosen thirst and have departed to no man’s land of wilderness. The vast majority of confessing to being thirsty, the vast majority of water aspirants, and how beautiful is that they do not demand water beside town roaring streams and do not bring their demands towards munificent town well pails, but bring them towards stamina burner desert heat and trust in bone smelter and skin burner sun, that they hope for guidance of everlasting vicious mirages; if water do not be found, at least the count of their experienced mirages will be increased, so that if they do not know where water can be found, at least will know where cannot! Yes, this is the strangeness description of mirage among the town inhabitants and its unique efficient propinquity to wilderness inhabitants’ hearts …
The rattan had not have any stamina to bear the understanding, thus slid and scrolled the mansion of shepherd’s body, shepherd became vigilant and attended his cracked lips and his seeking water burned liver, with reliance on the rattan straighten his stature, employed eyes as helpers, suddenly his face turned brilliant which was witness to eye’s net hunt at the calm horizon of desert, apparently in the horizon, eyes harvested hope of water, shepherd disturbed tolerance and ran, ran and demanded propinquity of hope till whether he will approach to the union or just another mirage! September 20, 2015

“Where are you from?” an opponent inquired of me, I said satire. Yes I am from satire, from satireland. Not unfamiliar, around here, if you seek meticulously you will find satireland, my land appellation is indebted to its people inhabitancy, satiric people, people who get serious which does not belong to seriousness and do not get serious which is chock-full of seriousness. People who weep for a deceased and are smiling because of their life. People who own certainty, who are afraid of doubt. Yes I am from satire, from satireland. Inhabitants of my land are of comfort, of lull, in my land endeavor is toil and affliction. Here satire is attribute of everything and everyone. Here nobody is passenger, here all inhabitants came to stay. Here followers are patterns and pioneers are outlaws. In my land pens are dried up and hearts are withered, here mouths are productive and heads are sterile, appearances are decorous and consciences are obscene. Here all are satiric, here membranes generate sanctity, here people decorate flowers, here bellies are full and minds are starving. And lest, lest you get serious all these things, all these are such as these because of satire, here satire is dominant, here is satireland and I am still from satire. October 7, 2014


We are to tame the mutiny of getting meanings, we recognize architect as such.

Woe be upon the time when hands die. Hands are living bodies of brains, inanimate bodies are sign of death, death of brains. September 30, 2014

The conflict between interpretations of the architectural design-creating process is still going on; several have recognized it as a “Sisyphus action” and attached to internal essence, regardless of quality of external obtained result, while vast majority of experts, on the other side, attached the being of architectural work to its external result and its external benefits, then evaluated its existence, so that they entitled the first crowd as null followers and named Sisyphus “Absurd Hero”; as A. Camus said: “You have already grasped that Sisyphus is the absurd hero”!

The being of artwork as an object is attached to its essence and its essence is attached to which its Areté describes, so this being is captivated by turbulence towards different sides; this occurred being have been according to “Initial Essence” of the artwork, while because of transience of its Areté, its essence is also not stable. Thus this phase will be “Transmutation of the Initial Essence” of artwork. And this phase is under control of “Geryon” with three heads; first is under designer quidance, second belongs to audience guidance and third head is guided by artwork itself.

The problem is selection of the joint (artwork as joint) being, doubt in endowing joint with meaning or conversion its meaning; conflict between Betwixt Land, Janus, Narcissus and Echo, on shaping the being of joint. Now, the problem is doubt in validity of choosing or discovering the quality of its being.
• Betwixt Land; belongs to neither this side nor that side, and not to both of them. Betwixt land is devoid; devoid of any dependency on this and that, betwixt land is virginal, where has ability for obtaining the being of joint.
• Janus; is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, doorways, passages and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.
• Narcissus; was the son of the river god Cephissus and nymph Liriope. He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Narcissus was attracted to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died.
• Echo; was an oread who resided on Mount Cithaeron. Hera made her only able to speak the last few words spoken to her.