The workshop is supposed to be a stage for exposure of theoretical concepts of architecture, whit a focus on training and developing the designing ability, architectural designers’ creativity; which is being hold by P.A.P. Consulting Engineers occasionally. The workshop starts by presenting a theory of architecture or a few theoretical concepts, its process continues by stating a subject to design. In the following, participants begin to design and draw, and extend their works to approach different results as presentable designs, during this process, their design processes are reviewed, criticized and guided by referee or referees. Finally, the outstanding works (designs) will be selected, presented and criticized by referees and participants to highlight the strengths and weaknesses.

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Workshop No.8

16 October 2015

Workshop No.7

7 August 2015

Workshop No.6

3 July 2015

Workshop No.5

31 May 2015

Workshop No.4

17 December 2010

Workshop No.3

3 December 2010

Workshop No.2

11 November 2010

Workshop No.1

19 November 2010